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There's so much to be rectified, I wonder if I even tried
could I put away the man that I've become
At least I'll try, so throw me every word, on everything
that ever I did wrong, it's safe to say maybe I lost track
will you be the one to take me back
and remind me how the change must start in me
Tear it down, I'll understand, it wasn't any good for them
We'll try again and know that's not the end
Say what you will, but I've got reasons to believe
that everything I said was true, but you've got reasons to go on
believing good intentions also kill, I want to be the first to admit that
first to step back
Hold on and let me explain that I'm wrong, and don't want to go on
Cause I can't, can't find the way out, This change that needs to start with
Slow down, I'll do anything to move on
And build what we needed
I know now where to begin
A change that needs to start with only me

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