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Nothing more than a hollow shadow, nothing left but a fragile being
Is this what I am doomed to become, is this all that is left behind for me?
This will not take my spirit from me, they will not be the ones to break me
Standing tall in the roaring fire, they can burn but the fire can't touch me, no
I won't fall, I will not drop down

Turn my back on them, they will not get away from this
I will lead the way, follow me to a new beginning

Will you follow me, will you be my guiding light
Will you carry me, will you be my friendly crutch

Turn away from this madness, never look back
We cant run, not forever, oh, where will we go
To what end, to the other side
Getting nothing, wanting everything

Lets live forevermore, side by side
Join me through the gates to a better world

Never lived for tomorrow, looking ahead
Can my hell be eternal, oh, what will I be
Not a glimse, not a reason why
I am lost forever in myself

Together 'till the end, side by side
Join me on the road to a better world

I will stand with you
to the end, I will not fail

Let our scars keep the memories
Leave the sadness far behind
Let our wounds keep the memories
Leaving all fears far behind

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