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Floating Away - text


Now look at what I have become.
I'm stuck and I'm loing control.
And my darkest dreams are coming alive.
The ghost of my past has come back to get me

I've lived all my life in a lie.
A bubble that's bound to be broken.

And now when all hope is lost.
When all is over.
I wanted roses.
But only the thorns remains.
Oh how I want to be
there on the other side
I'm swimming with the stream
But I am floating away

It lives within all fears.
Only you can fight back.
You must stand against it.
Or be gone forever.

The light that was a part of my life.
A memory lost, not forgotten. and
Not even a ray shining through.
What once was can not be brought back
It all comes alive when I dream.
I can't sleep no more,
I must go

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