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The ray of hope I carry with me
will be my guiding light,
to ward away the crowding shadows
that haunt my every waking hour,
and every dream.

To spread my wings and leave behind
the worries and the pain.
But when the words you said surround me,
I know that I will never be
free of your chains.

The light that I thought I saw
was just a lie!
You made me believe that the love was real,
I was a fool,
and now I am trapped!

I am a prisoner here,
caught by your words.
You tore me down and you laughed at me,
revelled in my pain,
my tears and my shame.

The words
you said
to control me and to tear my heart to
leaving me to bleed at your feet.
I just want to spread my wings
and fly far away from here.

I was in love and I could not see the monster inside you.

Lying hollow and alone, a broken soul within me.

I have to set things right again and find the strength to leave you.

The ray of hope I carried with me
would be my guiding light.
I found the courage and the heart
to take my life into my own hands...
...I am free!

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