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A Loss Made Forever - text


I can't see, I can't feel,
I don't know how its come to this
Can't understand it
Will you hear, will you be,
Here I am, please come back for me
I wont survive it

A loss made forever, eternally broken
Shattered souls
In darkness becoming, eternally silent
I have been lost in words

Cry for you, cry for me
Because every tear that falls
falls in vain, nothing will
ever bring you back to me
Empty heart, empty soul
Nothing matters anymore
I am lost, in the dark
Feels like im drowning

And I can't see how this
will heal as time goes by
And I can't see how I
Should wake up with a smile again

As the sorrow leaves my senses
I can feel the void filled up with rage
All is lost, there is no light
In the end of this pain, called my life

No, I will rise, I wont back down
I will keep on going
For those I loved, for those I've lost
I will make them proud

No, I wont die, I wont give up
This will make me strong
For all I love, for all I've lost
No, I wont give up

Once again, I am pulled into shadows
I don't know how to run
I can't take this once again

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