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In These Waters (feat. Ida) - text


I am shy
I'm standing on the other side
Watching while you're passing by
Mm mm

Rise and fall
Our names are on the concrete wall
But maybe you have forgot it all
Mm mm

Remember me
When you're reaching out for company
I'll be standing in your memory
Mm mm

You left me hanging in the dark
You're fading in my silent heart
And how I wish that you and I collide

I am falling further down
And I'm about to hit the underground

In these waters we are left to drown
In these waters we are left to drown

Hold my hand
We don't need to understand
While we're loving in a thunderland
Mm mm

I'm still here
I'm afraid that I might disappear
In your absence I cannot see clear
Mm mm

And if you tear down
The walls that surround us

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