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Her and her friends piled into a Camry
Headed downtown, got in for free
She's all dolled up, looking VIP
Walked in, found a booth, took a seat
Wiped the tear from the corner of her eye
Faked a smile to the Corona guy
Usually she wouldn't give him the time of day
But hey, in here tonight
She don't wanna feel nothing real
She just want somebody to give her attention
For a minute, call her beautiful
She ain't trying to wind up in love
She's just trying to burn some time up
On a Friday night in the neon light
Yeah, he hurt her soul
She just needs a hero to save her
From being all alone
From paying for a drink she don't want
Nothing more than a dance or two
She's feeling blue
But she just needs a hero, mmm
And she just needs a hero
He's all geared up for his football game
He's wearing his jersey with the same last name
A still reminder of the guy that ain't around these days
And his mama's up in them aluminum stands
Saying 'run, baby run', she's his number one fan
Doing the best she can
But wondering why his daddy can't be a better man
He just wants to feel what kids feel
Walking off the football field
After winning, for a minute
In his daddy's pads
The kid should never have to wonder
If his old man even loves him
On a Friday night under Friday lights
Shouldn't be so sad
That should be his hero
That left him and his mama all alone
Barely even calls him on the phone
Every year in March, sends a birthday card
But he just needs a hero, mmm
Yeah, he just needs a hero
There's an old white haired preacher man
With a leather bind good book on the stand
Says 'if you're ready for a change, here's your chance
With every head bow, slip up your hand'
If you wanna feel something real
That this mean old world can't kill
Not even Satan
There's a saviour, he'll wash away your sins
All you gotta do is reap in
Open up your heart, accept him and
He'll save your soul
Jesus is a hero, ooo
And everybody needs a hero
Jesus is a hero, ooo
And everybody needs a hero

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