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Show me a reason to feel this invincible, the heavy rain could feel less incredible.
When I'm soaked to the bone, and still, I'm so alone.
For all these dreams that take a hold of my life,
Hold my head, submerge me into the night.
Communicate, without the use of speech, I'm seeing visions, I haven't slept in weeks.
I'm finding stars, I thought were city lights I'm searching sunsets,
Accepting lonely nights, To find my own so long ago.
If this was timeless, if only I could change time,
Beneath the world, you hang my eyes to the sky.
Be still my darling, they're only coming for me the echoed silence,
Is still beckoning. It's still beckoning.
That weightless notion that carries my soul,
The open sky can only lead me home.
I stay awake to feel alive sometimes,
But close my eyes, to say I've seen the light and if only,
I could be that someone, you used to know I used to know.

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