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Love Alone - text


Thinking of things, that I could have done
All of the thoughts that prey on my mind,
Before my eyes had barely the time, to adjust to light

Like deadfire bound by night that shines on my skin
A faded picture eroded by our time
A lost hope thinking of him.

It’s sad to know that selfishness, hides behind a faith
It scares me to think that really I am all alone
It hurts to know that these moments really mean nothing
It’s a lie to say I’m not afraid anymore.

So this reminiscence, love shattered pride
What once was innocence turned cold before it died
The ghost inside of me would turn you white
I’m going fucking nowhere if I see your face tonight

As I stumbled into the shadows without the means of sleep
Alone in this room is all I’ll ever need
The sun keeps setting on me nearly everyday
And my arms aren't strong enough to pull the sun up with each new day

I used think, if I could change, for the better, forever, but I’ll never change
I used think, that I could change, for the better, forever, but I’ll never change
So, here's to sleeping through sunlit hours, and living the darkest nights,
Where no one can see my face, or the smile that I force

And to think, that I could change, you'll remember, I’ll never change.

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