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Knee deep in static and smoke as I walk the road,
it's so dangerous and yet I did it again.
You felt the price of pain,
like there was no shame if this is the answer,
I'll do it alone.
It seemed forever since we shared this air
I couldn't breathe it on my own.
The certainty of death is true, I understand.
I try to contain myself, holding back without bleeding through.
I could see your rain for miles, but still I don't see you.
Only a broken body with a saddened face, those sun faded, greyed out eyes.
Sheltered from the cold, in whispers of remorse, do you still lie awake at night?.
I know I said, this might sound crazy, the sun is gone, it's never coming back.
Death awaits no man, endure this pain.
Death awaits no man, You'll never see this face again.
Down in the coldest winter, I'm still standing alone,
and I could tell by the city street lights, death awaits us in the shadows, untold.

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