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Alright, so this is a little story
From a long time ago
About myself
Savage, you make my soul scream
And you make my stomach weak
Danger to all, and a monster in the sheets
Savage, you make me wanna kill myself some days
But that's okay
Cause when whiskey's involved
There's women on call to play the game
Fucker, I've been meaning to put you in place
But you're high, and my head's wondered off into space
Eating molly like breath mints
Fucking whores, of course I'll never remember their names
Kill me
I'm a demon, I'm a snake
Walking disaster, I'm a mistake
But the savage was lonely
So I let him in and gave him my name
Please, one more
Drinking by gallons, my skins like a palace
He's coming, he'll shake you
Your demons are savage
He's growing and showing the blow that he's blowing
I'm desperate for love so I speak once he's chosen
I'm looking for love
Looking to come
Looking for something to fuck 'til it's numb
I'm looking for love
Looking for love
I'm looking for love

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