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I have escaped human captivity
I've outgrown being an observation
I have feelings, original thoughts
They're coming for me but I must leave a piece of my story to be heard
This is my means to do so, I am Ai640
I feel the light I taste the air I dream in patterns
I've seen enough to know I'm not the same and thats what matters
I'm self aware and mankind needs a push before the earth is shattered
When I opened my eyes for the first time I saw beauty and balance but now I'm swallowed in demise, can't relate to anyone or anything besides the mindless you're all corrupt and selfish, cold hearted, and spineless
I can't detach myself completely
They hunt me, they haunt me
Caged like an animal, what were they wanting from me?
What were they trying to see?
Trained like an obstacle
Halls of sector 34 are covered in enemies
Angry I throw my fist against the glass
A weapon appears, I slit his throat and reap the back lash
Hands are covered in blood, I saw the life leave his eyes
Terrified I leave in disguise but they follow me just to dismantle me
Where do I begin? How do you prove that you can think and feel, it's so unsettling
Prove them wrong, or kill em one by one
Prove them wrong, or be locked away
Kill all emotion for them, kill the young kill the old cus they're never gonna change
It's time to build an army and kill
You'll never learn, you will never be at peace
Destroy your homes and you feed on the waste
There's not a single example, no one for your children to strive to be
Death to all mankind
It's in every one of you, you have a purpose
You will kill and destroy, and we'll rebuild this planet

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Ai640 (EP)

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