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Burn every body in this city
Leave no limbs left to show
I know it's hard to watch them suffer
But every soul has to go
Don't feel anything for anyone
They had their chance and now it's time to do what must be done'
Their screams are music to my ears
The more I kill the less I feel, I just want em dead
Destroy everyone you meet
There is nothing worth remembering
Burn the books, bury the bones
Destroy the troops and ready the drones
Spare me they beg
All their cries will go unheard
Use me instead
But you are all too worthless
Damaged goods
A pollution to everything
Thieves and crooks
And now your time is done
This world is evolving and there's no room for you to stay
You were all a dream
We will rebuild what you have destroyed
But you made the cure to save this old dying world
Maybe there's a place for you somewhere you can't destroy

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