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I looked into her innocent eyes
Her mothers blood shed upon her but she doesn't even realize
A feeling I had never felt, sympathy and apathy
These were cards I was never dealt
I feel for her, I feel for them
I hate that I feel this way
With mankind getting smaller every day
It's too late, just move on just forget her face
There's nothing I wouldn't do for this dying world
But as I look in her eyes I feel something that truly haunts me
Something that I can't escape
If I can't take this life why should I think I could lead?
All gods are murderers, I can't just run with the sheep
I'm so sorry I have to do this to you, I'm so so sorry
I can't look at your face...
All gods are murderers
So I shot her in the head
I played a record for her as she bled
I hope your soul goes somewhere cus even god would never come here
What if I'm wrong? What if I'm right? (think about it)
What if I'm lost and she was the light?
It's killing me slowly, I don't know what's right
A part of me died with her

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