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She tries to compose herself, can't tell what she's feeling but I'm done feeling this guilt
Now it's time for me to leave
I smell the foul scent of bodies just burning
I hear the cries from cities begging for their gods
What have I done? The sky is filled with smoke, the only sounds are from guns
The first man I approached was bleeding and searching for things to end himself
"Can I lend you a hand" he looks at me as his wide eyes expand
"I'm not here to take your life or your things"
"Just come with me if you do seek relief"
I'm not afraid death just taking me now, but I can't die standing still while all these souls are devoured
I'm here to fix my mistake
To piece back this world that I tried to erase
"Brothers please here me now, we are not the gods to make the judgements here and I've found, love does exist, and I must admit I've had a taste of feeling human and there's no changing it"
They had never felt a gentle touch, they'd never dug inside a mind with their words or felt what love once was, I have never seen a place so grim, with no hope left in sight and no purpose to give
I try to sway their minds anyways
I try to see, what's even keeping them here

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