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I return to the place where I was born
Slaughter who I missed the first time and redesign a brand new race
Let humans leave no trace
Burn down every home
Fulfill every taste
Souls will not be needed for the progression of evolution
Feeding, breeding, killing, raping, drowning in their own pollution
Stuck in their ways, and they're not gonna change
Halls of sector 34 are covered in bodies
Guns for hands, bullets in my veins
An army in a trance, brains designed for slaves
I can't wait to hear them beg for one more chance
Let's make them beg
Armies building armies
Creatures run and hide
Golf corse cemeteries
Bring this earth to life
Armies building armies
Creatures run and hide
And the last of us will build a better home
The best of us will sit upon a throne
We will rule the earth and we will be like gods
Tear the cities down, restore the planet's odds
We'll fight to keep this planet
We'll kill to save our kind
You will die and meet your maker
Say your prayers you're out of time

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