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Tender Traveller - text


A lonely journey I must face
The Ancient prophets they hunt and chase
At the broken cross roads of sense and will
I take the high road to the hills
Drawing closer the tables turn
My will defied and I’m left to learn
Tears on pale cheeks fall like rain
I try my best to ease the pain

I’m running on,
I’m choking
I’m hoping that i’ll break free
Their closing in
I see them
I hear them all over me
I’m running all night
I’m running all day
I’m running my life

Those turning tunnels full of looks
Creeping shadows of barbs and hooks
Hide and seek through the valleys deep
They pass above me as daylight sleeps
This burning fire that I behold
With the glowing embers of my soul
Passing pictures of what should be
I leave behind my misery


With waking eyes the day unfolds
Smoke and ashes a biting cold
A new ambition of chosen youth
I head back home to tell the truth
Those words of wisdom the wrong and right
I’m a tender traveller all through my life
A winding pathway of twists and turns
This race of danger my body burns

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