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I heard a loud knock upon my door
A sweet stranger she entered in
The night was dark, the wind it roared
Broken beauty she did bring

Greed and gold
Greed and gold
Forever the loneliest road

Welcome fine lady won’t you stay this night
For fortunes may unfold
I see precious jewels you keep so tight
Like a sweet child in from the cold

A silent room in the dead of night
Two lovers lay there entwined
From a deep sleep to her bed I creep
Great treasures there I find
The midnight moon all across her face
It steals her out from a dream
The mirror smashed, sharp silver flashed
Broken beauty she did scream

Crying greed and gold
Greed and gold
Forever the loneliest road

Early in the morn you will find me gone
I’ll seek a dark distant shore
I’ll walk in fear but always hear
Her knocking at my front door

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Poor Man's Heaven

Lakeman Seth texty

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