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Staring at the dark with hungry eyes
The moonlight flickered and a shadow cried
A gold ring flashed as the howling stopped
I called her name as the west wind dropped

I brushed her on the arm with a silver cane
Took her by the hand and saw her pain
My breath smelt like a burning house
With bitter cold words upon my mouth

A tall dark figure is on the loose
With bright sharp teeth to bite the truth
I’ll steal your honour and tell you lies
Leave you all alone in a blood red sky
Leave you all alone in a blood red sky

You’ll wake up late in the midday sun
Reach for a shadow and I’ll be gone
Through empty fields and storm blown trees
Praying to the night to set you free

Stained glass windows and shattered pain
A fairytale story and autumn rain
A falling shadow and a cold embrace
Cross your heart and you’ll see my face

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Poor Man's Heaven

Lakeman Seth texty

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