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Express yourself
Express yourself
Express yourself
Express yourself
Express your grief, your faith, belief
Express your self-appreciation
The dignity of life and death
With culture and civilisation
With time for sympathy and time for action
Express revenge and condemnation
Your sense for freedom, justice, peace,
Express your global politics
The rights of men, the enterprise
The free will and the unbroken one
Your self-esteem and self-desire
Your trust in god and in religious fire
The end of reason and the end of science
The end of family, the end of violence
Satanic verses of your superstition
The land of plenty and of ammunition
The end of history, the end of time
The end of music and the end of rhyme
Express the immaculate control
Express the inexpressible
Express yourself as the leading nation
The 1st, the 2nd, 3rd world domination
Impress with stars and stripes forever
Conspiracy of terror and salvation

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