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Strength From My Wounds - text


Dreams of flesh, fragments of bones
This image goes on and on
Dead eyes on my way
It's time to escape or die

Born in the age of murdering where wounds bleed in silence
Every day's a sentence and my nerves come to explode!

There's no other place to be, the phoenix will rise again
Feelings of destruction, hate, revenge
The smoke of war invades my brain... another reason to stay
Another reason to stand 'cause there's no other reason to end!

I'm a bullet, you're my target
I will drug you with mortal effects
Like the darkest opium, your last black hour
Desperation leads me to run against your self-destruction

The phoenix will rises from death - Another breath to stand
Her wings of fire sing with - Cold angels strings
I make pleasure from my pain - All the scars they’ve given me
Giving strength to my wounds - Strength from my wounds
That strength from my wounds - No tears from my eyes
STRENGTH FROM MY WOUNDS - Like strength from my wounds
The dirge from the past has gone by - Strength from my wounds

To you, surviving, is the only remedy
To let you die in your fuckin’ silence
You'll never beat me down
And every pain (that) could catch my heart
Every injury (that) kicks my soul can only enforce my will
My will to carry on, OH FATHER DON'T YOU KNOW
I drink strength from my wounds,

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