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Into the Abyss - text


The hate I feel
Stronger than my will to live
My soul's existence: lose to win, die to kill
My will: resistance!
Our lives sentenced
By the presence of death
The fight has begun
I'll fall, you'll follow
I'll take you down with me
Until the end of my days: I'll suffer, you'll scream with me!
Apathy becomes misanthropy
I made revenge from suffering, action from freezing
Into the abyss nothing more will be the same again!

Misanthropy, queen of my mind
Set me free from all the rotten flesh on my way
Blood: fluid of mankind's suffering!

Call it hell
This is where I live
From where I come
To where I go and you with me!

Totally dismembered, 'n killed without pride
Hear my call
I’ll come to make you know the word "end"

There's nothing left to judge,
Don't be anxious 'bout what will Happen:
What is done is done
I am a stone, feel my silence... fear me now:
I'm misanthropist

My endless pain
Catches the last fresh rain,
Blinded without seeing the light
I'll make you feel my pain shining bright:
The last resistance,
A furious scream in this empty hole!

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