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Sick And Tired - text


You came into my life
You took me by surprise
I never thought I’d find someone like you

No one ever took the chance
Not on second glance
Was I naïve
Should I have doubted it was too good to be true

Do you even still recall
Cause I remember it all
Every promise that we broke
All the hollow words we spoke

You were the light of my life
You were the zenith of my sky
Yet the beauty of sweet memories is turning into dust

Time was never on our side
No matter how hard we tried
Sick and tired of the future infecting our past

Too sure we had it all
I was tearing down the walls
Carefully erected through the years

Crazy how suddenly things change
My world got rearranged
From one day to the next you had forever disappeared

Sick and tired of the games we have to play
Sick and tired of the pain and heartache

Text přidala Richenza

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