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Prologue/Inside The Machine - text


They promised us an safer world
An world without fear
No more threat from terrorism or random violence
Trading liberty for security
We sleepwalked into an surveillant society
Where personal identity is subject to state control
And privacy an privilege of the past
Our nation is under new management
Where no step goes unnoticed
Every word is on file
And our little comforts are spying on us
We no longer live in an free country
The time has come to fight back
Welcome to the underground

Follow me into my demise
Come inside a world that you despise

One mistake you can never redeem
Once infected you're part of the machine

Torn apart by internal strife
Side effect of pragmatic compromise

Blind denial is the name of the game
Ease your conscience by passing on the blame

Once inside
Their lies
Will take over your soul
Your life is under their control

No way out once you've broken the seal
Deed by deed your heart has turned to steel

The machine will consume your beliefs
Then you'll be the grease to oil the wheels

Take your time, remember what you've done
A one way trip to hell if you go on

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