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I am all alone 50 feet beneath the city
That I call my own while it eats my soul
Why did we stay, mourning our future
Living for today does take its toll

But why should I pray for divine intervention
I have found a way not to be destroyed
While I believe in my own revolution
I will always be free inside my prison cell

No way to hide, nowhere to run
A secret war has just begun
Though wretched and disorganised
We reject their compromise
No turning back, no giving in
Freedom of choice declared a sin
Who wants to be a Stepford Wife
We're fighting for our way of life

Sometimes I doubt - did I make the right choice?
I had an easy life full of pretence
Never had to fear what's around the corner
I'd just play charades with my fake friends

But it wasn't enough and it never will be
With the rules so tough you had to be on guard
Living in a world of constant surveillance
Where every word you say could seal your fate

No way to hide, no turning back, nowhere to run
A war for our way of life has just begun

Text přidala Richenza

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