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Been staring for a hundred hours run down
A spiral drain keep mouth clamped tight,
And it isn't right three words keep running through my mind
But my tongue is hard to find I need to let it go,
Because I know dark secrets burn their vessel
Tearing out to grab a mouthful chunk of heart
Destroyed by quiet yell it out before it kills you now
Let it all out used to let rumors do my work
They got around real well now they only hurt
It's a liar's quirk this time I gotta say it straight
I mean to do some good I'm calling out your name,
While the chance remains I want you
So now you know where I come from my secret's
Come undone my heart revealed my
Cause I'm lying naked at your feet
Don't crush the heart that bleeds take me at my word
It may sound absurd but I want you

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