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Can't you see we the people can make the choices
You and I must raise our voices
To build a future where we belong
Revoke oppression and right and wrong
But do you vote or do you only complain
Do you just carry on in vain
As your economy crashes, your country goes to war
The deficit Their answer to tax the poor
But you may never know what you refuse to learn
Do you work the system or do you get burned?
Do you ignore your abilities or your intellect? Are you obsolete?
An easy out, you forget it all but it's the hardest path and you chase to follow
You wouldn't speak for yourself and now you're spoken for
This is something you can not ignore
It's time for you to notice the things that die with no more lies
You can't deny You're always high
and you still bitch Makes me sick It makes me sick
the way you always fuckin' bitch
I remember a time when I thought it wasn't fair
The scales of justice did impair
but with no darkness there would never be light
Without injustice we'd never have a right

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