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Scaling the mountain
I have given up my pride
And I'm clinging to this rocky edge
A rose thorn in my side
It's fable contradiction
Is bittersweet and blind
And I'm balancing the mountain of compromise
I went over the hill to be with you
I went over the hill
I am over the hill to be with you
Am I holding on 'til lies or holding on 'til life?
Standing in position
Objectivity provides
'Cause it's hard to ignore
Losing when you're winning all the time
And the weight of it's too heavy
The ceiling far too low
This commitment is restraining and I can't grow
I went over the hill
Over the hill
I am over the hill to be with you
Am I holding on to life or holding on to lies?
In retrospect
In your absence my disposition's gone
As I close my eyes
To searching
Treasuring what I once lost
I let go of the noose and breathe again
I am falling from hanging and landing afoot

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