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Making Friends - text


As you're in this search for something to hate
I can feel you rally up on someone with your peers
But can you stand alone? Can you take the long way home?
I've been stuck inside this circle a hundred times before
and I feel safer int he eye of the storm
You can throw your stones,
I'll only bleed for you for one day

They all answer to the heresay
But they will only care for one day

It's so small, it's so small
And i would love to show you all

I can see you in the middle of a doubt
You told them we had a falling out
Sic the dogs on me, as you take the easy way out
And i will be the freak show when your circus comes to town
And I will rain on your parade without a sound
We'll draw a crowd, it's only breaking down...
For one day

I graduate this class with honors
And I will never fail drama

Making friends

It's so small

Will you still hate me tomorrow?

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