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Lag Wagon (all Aboard) - text


Unemployment is my scene
Brain dead-the fumes I breath
Blah Blah Blah BlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBla
Carp is a town, not a fish
Too dumb to care
The S.B.-Goleta connection
Feelin' like a champion
All aboard the lag wagon
It's fast enough for me
on the couch
Give me a sofa and some snaks
The idiot box-that T.V. trash
The V.C.R.-some stupid films
The remote control
Fuck the bills
There's no point in a job
The pay just sucks if your a slob
I'm not lying
I'm lazy
and all my friends are just like me
Garga jibs and metal riffs
Beer bongs and bong hits
I hate that scene
Santa Barbara boredom
Small town minds
can you relate to me?
(Repeat Chorus)
All aboard the lag wagon!!

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Lagwagon texty

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