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Know It All - text


Look at the world in disbelief
You used to follow now you lead
College has enlightened you
And you are proud to be different
And like different bands different types
You ain't nobody's fool
It's like certain bands remind you of someone you hated
'Cause they didn't wear the right clothing
And there's only one true fashion
Alot of the bands on the college charts are
great bands until they get signed.
Then you hate them
It's such bullshit -
you used to love them you hypocrite

Know it all Know it all
Did you really listen to that song?
Could you ever write what you call wrong?

I remember you and I listening to bands that we liked
Only the songs mattered to you
But now you're a D.J. and preaching that hype
"Corporate Rock Sucks You know, college radio enlightens you"
It's supposed to serve as a means to expose new bands
without prejudice, but it makes no sense
Safe harbor for the underground
'Til the alternative becomes the popular sound
The bands are good
'til they make enough cash to eat food and get a pad
Then they're sold out and their music is clich

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