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I Must Be Hateful - text


I can't make the damn phone ring
It's simply pathetic if I call you anymore
I can't figure it now
We tallied our scores
I got knocked out
I know when you come to town
I know where you drop your dime and whom it's for
I'm not good enough to time your cup of coffee 15 years... was long enough
Look at me.
I'm an old colleague
Another hard knocks day acquaintance
Finally you are free of me
It must be true or you'd give a minute
But it's always my fault
Always it's your forgiveness
This unbalanced resolve
I must be hateful
So I hang up the phone
Call it a small sacrifice
You still hear me now
Dear you, the vinyl it was blue
Stalking poor Blake commiserating drunks at sea
Do you remember when Jawbreaker rocked "The boat"?
I'm sure you do...and don't Look at me.
I'm an old fly buddy
Just a blue coach class acquaintance
Finally you are free of me
It must be true 'cause it only makes sense
I can still see you now
Pictures are in every town
I can still write it down "I must be hateful"
I can hang up the phone
Even at those lofty heights
You still hear me now

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