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E. Dagger - text


common, e.
try to go easy
we can do anything, anything, anything
common, e.
we got it covered
we can stop anytime, anytime, anytime
common, e.
it's just a party
lets go to party town, then we can party down
common, e.
check out my pontiac
my name is randle, i wrote you this song

can't you see that all we need is
one night to release
it's bound to be the last in all of history

common, e.
raise your glass to the sky
drink to the song that plays, olden days, whatever
just wanna get radical
don't be a bummer
look at the summer day
the sun is rising, once again

can we have just one night without all this self distruction
I just love my husband, can't live without him

common, e.
we're goin' easy
it's just a party
time to get gnarly
common, e.
tryin' to go easy
my name is randle, it's nice to meet you

we are always here to make you laugh

common, e!

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