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Here we go!
The turnout tonight is weak,
The crowd is looking meager
Only 40 to 50 in the flock,
But 3 more beers and I'm playin' Woodstock
And you can probably see that we're not all that tight
But a couple more drinks will alter your sight
That does not mean fight
I'm not saying I have to be drunk
But tequila shots make it more fun
Oh, I'm havin' fun
Oh, beer goggles
Oh, beer goggles, I love to put them on
Them on
Next to each other at the bar
She's thinkin', "He's the one," I'm thinkin', "Where's my car?"
She thinks I look good, obviously she didn't smell that fart
"What kind of cologne is that you're wearing?" Hey man, it's a start
"Hi, my name's Barbie." "My name is Ken."
The perfect couple, 'cause we're drunk in the head
Oh, I'm drunk again
Oh, beer goggles,
Oh, beer goggles, I love to put them on
The one size fits all!!!

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