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Queen's Speech Ep.4 - text

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I hold it down like snapchat
Go over your head like a snapback
Uploaded a pic double tap that
And your flows so old - Grandad
It's just banter
I'm way too much like a black cab (Oi Boss!)
Why you snapchatting in the club for?
Just dance man
Like Yo famalam
Yo Fam
Yo Famalam!
Ain't no gyal badder dan
I'm on the roads - Caravan
Lemme do this fast - Ramadan
Cus It's going down - Avalanche
I'm a keep it short - Paragraph
Queen Lesh I'm a reign (rain) Anorak
Take it off his rail (Israel) Nazareth
Oh Jesus Oh Lord Oh Jesus
A couple of snakey friends just Adam and Eve'd us
And there's no debate on who's better
I'll turn a man to a girl like Bruce Jenner
I shell down the darnce like
Mi bruck down di darnce like braaaaaa
Dudududu, Dudududu!
I be the one they love
I be the Don
They know where I'm from
01 to the 21
Yo bredin,
Where has your hairline gone?
I can't believe it, I can't believe the cheek
Some girls wake up and don't even brush their teeth :/
That's a dead ting.
That's a bad breath ting
How can you talk my name and you ain't even brushed your teeth
Brush your teeth x8
Verse 2
Bars cold like a tip top
You've got a pot belly like Rick Ross
Stiff gyal do the tick tock
Big mouth gyal where's your lips gone
I ain't got time to be ticked off
But I got a new wristwatch
Let's go toe to toe - Flip flops
I make the crowd jump like Kriss Kross
I got a dark skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal
And I got Light skin friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal
Which ones which? Not sure
Them gyal are clapped encore
Clap x5
Don't think you're buff cus you're wearing contour
Cus I'll wipe your brows off
I'll snatch your wig and your nails off
I go blind hands I'm at the nail shop
These girls are bluffinnnn
They really ain't on nuttinnnn
You can't do dirt on me
Are you gonna go get your cousin?
Everyting ain't rosy I beg u not
I'll Queen Latifah and Set it off
Then I bounce like a belly flop
Got one eye on ur man - Fetty wap
Yeahhh baby
I'm getting gwop
Watch me like Netflix
You go to the club, but you ain't got doe for your gas and electric
Dead ting!
I can't believe it, I cant believe the cheek
Some man wake up and don't even brush your teeth
How could you do that?
How can you even speak?
How can you talk my name and you aint' even brushed your teeth?

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