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Queen's Speech Ep.3 - text

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My iPhone goes ping ping
Cus your mans on my line like ding ding
But it's not a ting ting
Cus he eats me up like din dins
Got money in the bank like Ching Ching
And I shine like bling bling
I will knock down any kingpin
So don't start me up like an engine
I'm a show off nip slip
I go overboard Kick flip
I be in the cut snip snip
Sitting back with my cup like sip sip
My bars bang yours click click
I'm eating like I'm at a Picnic
You got too much mouth big Lips
And I can't stand girls, who take their heels off when they're in a rave
I'll step on your big toe, just to remind you how to behave
Because you can't do them things man
How do you think?
When the rave smells frowsy, Cus your feet stink
Cheese wotsits
Freeze, she's hostage
Flows stone cold Steve Austin
Long neck gyal - Ostrich
So Fly that I'm chilling in the cockpit
Out all night kinda like Foxes
If push comes to shove like a mosh pit
You will get a dropkick to your drop lip
Haters pree me everyday then act like they can't stand me,
Bare girls change their friends everyday but forget to change their panties -______-
Nasty gyal that!!
That's a mad ting
Mad Ting x4
Punchlines like Sharkeisha
Deplete ya
Do not think that you're bad online I'll backspace you and delete ya
I'm going in like change in the Metre
You're a side salad - Ceaser
Give you a box like I came with a pizza
So lighten up Cus I'll bleach Ya
And big up the gyal dem
Yeah big up the gyal dem
I'll be Beyonce to these girls and I'll Michelle them
I don't know, what else to tell them
Sounding like Elton
I'll Kenan and Kel them
Shell dem Bell dem!
Just fall back
Cus you ain't even all that
I missed a call from your man last night you know, but I never called back
Look don't be saying you're a good girl, when your breath smells like bullbags :/
Your man told me that your mad, cus he drove home and made you walk back
Cus you're not that cute,
And your hairs uneven, you look dusty
What's that on your lip looks crusty
Is that a cold sore? Must be
And yeah my bars are hench and they're muscly
It's about to get ugly
I'll upload a pic of your dog and sell it on Gumtree
Just for the bants
It's all for the bants
Just Got back from Paris
Just did a tour in France
Queen of the scene EP real soon just watch when it lands
You'll have me as your ringtone same ringtone as your dads
It's mad

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