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The Way That You Love Me - text


I'm in to deep
Swept away by the tide
And I can't escape this feeling inside
Baby, whatcha do to me
Close my eyes and I can see
Thinking 'bout you constantly ever since last night

You came to my door
Love the way that you greet me
I knew it was on from the way that you let me
Touch you when you're all alone
I'm just so ready to go
You just let me take control
You and me all night

Cause it's the way that you love me
The way that you touch me
Can't get enough
Can't get enough
Can't get enough
Can't get enough
I need more
I need more
I need more
I need more
[Repeat Chorus]
I like the way that you love me

You look like a star
Your bodies so perfect
You win an award for the greatest performance
Such a crazy love scene and its starring you and me
That's the part I like to see
You were amazing

I feel the same the morning after
Now wishing the time would go so much faster
So I could be with you again
Be my lover and a friend
If you want to do it then
Don't keep me waiting

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

Like a moth to the flame
Drawn in and I can't stay away
When we touch
I can't stop
Wanting to and again and again
If you feel the way I feel
Then you know this love is real
I should stay awake but your gravity is pulling me in
I don't wanna break the spell
Your making my life the sweetest hell

No I can't get enough
No I can't get enough of you

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

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