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Anything - text


Ooo... Hey... Ooo...
Some may say there ain't no way
Your dreams gonna see the light of day.
Don't believe that you can't achieve,
Whatever you're after.

Can't be swayed by the simple minds
That wanna hold you down.
And in his time, the pain you carry,
Will be left far behind. (Yayee-yeah)

Better listen to the sermon.
Better ask the Lord for guidance. (aye-yayee-aye)
You will see the many blessings.
Blessings you have received.

Better give him all the glory (glory)
Better tend to his authority [?]. Nothing [?]
All the lies [?] and all the stories,
Meant to shame your name.

Don't let no one stand in your life,
Change the way you feel inside.
Nobody on this earth,
Can tell you what you're worth. (Stand, Stand up.)
You're a child of the King,
And you can do anything.

You try to please everyone, tryin' to live your life,
Release those old delusions.
Stop wasting time... and... start embracing his light and let it shine.
(Count your blessings) [?]
When they say, oh, it ain't no way
(It won't matter) [?]
Never stop beliving in yourself
In the Lord, then, you'll see, all the answers that free,
You from change that would seem to, keep you standing still...

[Ad lib:]
Stand in your light, change the way you feel, oh... tell you what you're worth

Call and Response:
I'm livin'
We're livin'
Been given
God's been giving
Position (Oh-oh-oh)
(My prerogative) [?]
It's on you
You can leave them all
Behind you
When you have the love

[Ad lib:]
Nobody, no!... Change the way... no-body can... tell you what you're worth... on this earth. I'm a child of the King, and I can do anything. Y'all gotta get outa my way. I'm being changed by renewing my mind... Hallelujah... Hallelujah... I'm a child of Jesus, and I can do anything. Oh, yes, I can... Yes I can... I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Nobody on this earth can tell you what you're worth. You're a child of the King. Never stop believing in yourself. Oooo... way you feel inside... nobody on this earth... Stand up! Stand up! And you can do anything! Hallelujah... Oooo...

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