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Living in constant fear
No control how it starts
You're trapped within yourself
It makes you so weak at heart
Praying for your life
Wishing you were home
It's not a pleasant choice
To choose to burn or drown

You're standing on the edge
Don't take that final step
You might wind up dead

It's rising by degrees
It's a mortal enemy
Burning down below
Fire in the hole

Steal their lives away
Kill without a sound
Do the damage hard
Slaughter underground

Pull the pin of fate
Sow the seeds of hate
Kill to dominate

It's rising by degrees
Falling under siege
Burning down below
Fire in the hole

Panic fills the air
Rising wildfire
You've only got one chance
Seems like suicide
It only takes a spark
To light the fatal flame
Only one foolish move
Of pawns who play the game
Pawns who play the game

It's rising by degrees
It's sheer catastrophe
Burning down below
Fire in the hole

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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