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I say a drink might help me sleep, I say
I don't sleep much at all these days, I say it's cold
Besides, I'm broken
Hard as earth the love of the past
The worth of the world has frozen
Like the sheet of ice collecting on the windshield of my car
Where I caught my reflection captured in the glass
A perfect broken image of the future envisioned in the past–
Corrupted by fate now, fractured, and fading away
(Replace, replace, replace)
All I felt
(Promised, to me, to be)
One who figured it out
Who knew what to do
Who knew how to feel and
Felt that
Love of the past
The worth of the world
Just set it ablaze and
Thaw me out
Dim lit in a room dark red, where I said
"Can't seem to break off from the way I felt, but
I guess you understand, man. We had no chance
I'm tired of fighting with the hand I've been dealt
So, I take the cards they give me
And keep my protest on the inside of my mouth
If the best I can do ain't gonna stop what's coming
What's the point in trying to change how the hand plays out?"
Don't we all just die?
(Don't we all? Don't we all?)
Don't we all just die
(Don't we all? Don't we all?)
When you looked at the light
(Did it hurt your eyes?)
(Did it hurt your eyes?)
When you looked at the light
(Did it hurt you?)
Like it hurt me?

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