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The pills - text

Clean wholesome corporation
producing wholesome nation.
They hawk pills, lotions,
sundry potions,
For the moment we will say:
„God bless the pill“

Everything in form of pill.
New medicine will stop your chill
It gets you high
and makes you sway
For the moment we will say:
„God bless the pill“

People all over the world - imagine perfect society.
Everyone will become each others brothers and sisters,
Children will be happy living with their fathers and mothers.
Just imagine…
But brand new society cannot be legislated into existence.
The responsibility for a brand new society is on all of us!
What part are you going to play to make it happen?
Just think about it. This can be real, we can do that,
we can make it, all together and let´s start now for better world!
- with our pill

Hey, today, we found the way
Hey, don´t wait for another day
Hey, today we will escape.
For the moment we will say:
„God bless the pill.“

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