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Soul In Agony - text


The snow has nearly covered
Every aspect of my soul
And the rain has washed away
The whispers that I stole

Fallen, closed down and disbanded
I stay here gazing at the sky
And swallow, like I always did
The tears that I should cry

Have you come to tame the raging storm inside of me?
To mute the voices that keep screaming words of lie and agony?

The darkness that is haunting me
Raping my reality
The raging storm inside of me
Created me, in agony

I used to smile every morning
When the sun opened my eyes
I used to believe in human nature
And in the absence of lies

I used to fall asleep safely
When the moon had closed my eyes
Until you stepped into my life
And turned the truth into lies

Text přidala Safa202

Video přidala Safa202

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