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Embraced in the somber darkness
Muted and blinded by desire
Thoughts flow into Nothingness
The mortal shell burns on the pyre

Two bodies they float into one
The world around us fades
Like in the evening does the sun
In our small cascades

Close your eyes and come with me
Into my own reality
Where no chains do bind our Souls
Where we can roam eternally

No fear does trap us in this hour
Nothing hold us back tonight
Come with me my fragile flower
March with me towards the light

Don't be shy, this little pain
Is just the price you have to pay
Its oh so small, for what you gain
These are the final words I say

Text přidala Moonlight

Videa přidali IvyEyes, Safa202

Wenn der letzte Schatten fällt

L'Âme Immortelle texty

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