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Prayer For The Living - text


Kyprios 12 verse 7 through 10
May the bullet of the war be exchanged for a pen
See Life is an empty page
And our story's told in days
Words form a sentence in third world dimensions
What are you gonna say?
When I write let me write what the truth is
For righteous is the plight of the ruthless
Give me wisdom in spite of my ignorance
It is just another beckoning for lost innocence
In a snese, let me make the cents not the money make me
May I give more than I take may nothing take me
And my family, give me all their best qualities
I wouldnt qualify for life without them loving me
Above in the east let is set in the west
And when its all said and done may I settle and rest
In the sun
Learn to love and be conscious
Friends tell the truth and keep my honest

It aint about religion, its more about the rhythm
Its kind of like a vision its a prayer for the living

Its a prayer for the living
Just a prayer for the living
Give me strength for all my weakest moods
Give me persistence so I can improve
And when I lose let me learn of my abilities
Bring me victories accompanied with humility
And itll be humanities anatomy that damage me
So im a keep a revolutionaries sense of anarchy
And a please for a mind made for leadership
And when I die may my blood bring love for bleeding it
Give me soul-give me rhythm
Give the power to the streets and the people who are in them
May my fifteen minutes of fame be extended
To do something good so my name will be remembered
Remember my memories may the bottle not get the best of me
Eventually have a girl that understands me
May I keep mistakes to a minimum
May I learn forgiveness for my enemies and be forgiven


Kyprios 12 vers 7 through 10
May the bullet of the war be exchanged for a pen
Lige is an empty page
And our stories told in days
Words forming sentence in third world dimensions
Whatrs are you gonna say?


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