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Motion and Presence - text


Darting eyes and whispers revolve around me
Arms painted yellow and black
Tied them down, held me back
Question eternal silence when there's a knock on the door
You say my time is now, I say no - the time now is mine

Hear the cold air frozen, see the tainted sound
Corners round out numbers
There is no reason found, it'll take everything
I have left to see you clearly without any doubt
It'll take everything I have left
The stabbing of this breath won't be the last
Motion and presence, darting eyes
Whispers stabbing this breath
No time, lost time, my time, this time

There's no recognition
Locked doors are now open, and I can see inside
But I shouldn't have turned the key
There's no definition
For what was once unknown will be forever etched
Corners rounding out numbers
There's no recognition

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