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Dream song - text

Since the moment I met you,
I can't think of anybody else.
So tell me reason why it's true,
why it was experience.

Nobody knows why feelings
between us are so strong,
if distance is not our friend,
you know, the way is long.

If you really need me,
just the way I need you,
and all my life,
I just wanna be with you!
Please promise me forever,
that my dream will come true,
god tell me please, why I want only you!

You have never seen me cry,
but you felt my emotions,
And ever, when I need, you make me smile,
it's my good imagination.

I've seen you only twice,
but I know, you're my life.
I wanna see you every day,
I think we have got a common way.

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but you can't forget to believe and fight,
because the future comes closer,
''if you can take it light''
you told me, but then it was easier.

I really would like to know,
how will this story end,
If you want, you can go,
But I can't it suspend!

REF: -||-

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