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Do You Know (feat. Desiree Anderson) - text


[Intro: Kurupt]
Yeah, I know
Yeah I know
You know I know, you know I know
You know I know, you know I know
Know I know

Now if your beats ain't poppin and the streets don't jock him
And it ain't nuttin poppin, it ain't poppin
And if the walls ain't shakin and your pockets ain't breakin
Then it ain't no fakin, you ain't makin
It's like yeah, and you don't stop
You can make it all the way to the top, but first come on down!
("Back to life") but first you gotta come on down
("Back to life") Yeah

Yeah you know whassup, I know you like that
Bring it right back, I know you like that
That's the feeling, don't try to fight back
It'll bite back, cause I know you like that
My trunk got bump and my beat got shine
I lead D.P.G. in the city of sunshine
Birds of a feather in the air they get together
It's just how we do, together now forever forever true
All the things that I done in my lifetime
Two 9's by my waistline, lifeline
You need a Jag to have swag
I just walk in and the swag is the Jag
I got an apartment in the stash compartment
Just in case you wanna start shit, listen
Lil' momma lookin for a G
Yeah she lookin for a nigga like me (like me)


[DJ Quik]
Now where they go, with the fellatio?
Say it so, lay it low, player pro, stay or go
You want hay or 'dro? Bombay or Mo'? Grey or no?
Way to go; I see she's happy that's the way to go
So I'ma just jump in the Jag and dash
Get some gravel behind me, pickin up my cash
And if you see me simply speakin begone
Because tonight we got a function goin on
So break out your Gucci, Louis and Prada, Chanel
Then after the club, relocate to the hotel
After the hotel we migrate up to the lab
to make a beat with Saadiq, and eat some lobster and crab
Drink some Goose and then stab, the kidneys and bladder
Nationality matters
I like them out-of-towners who come from the Copa Cabana
This beat is bananas
It hits yo' antennas, cause DJ Quik's mo' gifted than Santa


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