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I'm not a heartbreaker

I saw her at the school, I was six years old
She had stickers on her jeans, it was so cold
Will you marry me when we finish school
I asked this girl, I was a fool
Next time taht I saw her, I was sixteen
She looked as good as a movie queen
And I promised her that she is my love
Cause I can't get enough

Oh baby, I thought it was easy be a heart-heartbreaker
I thought it was easy be a good lovemaker
I thought that you love me, now I know that you fooled me
Baby I know it's crazy when you fall in love

I met her on a street with another man
And I knew for sure, it's the end of my plan
I was so sad, couldn't stand the pain
When will I see baby again
But life is too short to throw it away
Baby I know that will be a new day
And I promise I find my love
Cause I can't get enough

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