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8 Years - text


8 years ago life took from me
Just under 16 you were ripped away from me
Watching my family weep for my brother's life
Tragedy had come for me
Wearing a fake face for other people’s sake
You never left me
Your spirit dwells within me
While apathy rots in his seat
Don't you fucking look at me
In the court room you asked for my forgiveness
A family left with nothing but flowers and memories
Your sympathy means nothing to me
No apology will heal my family
No forgiveness
8 years inside for murder, mother fucker
Not long enough, you should have suffered longer
Now you're free and you wanna be happy
I bet you'd love to forget my family
No pity for you
I can't forgive you
Thomas Thorn, this is for you
Thomas Thorn, no forgiveness
8 years to the day

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