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True Fear - text


There's no justice.
Am I crazy?
To think that all this is crazy?
Another march for a nation that's hurting
Pain pushed back like the force you’re exerting
There's nothing to say
When people are killed daily
By cops with a hard on for violence
Mad cause I'm yelling
I'm mad cause you're silent
Stay calm
Don't breathe or you might get beat to fucking shit.
Right hand on his right hip
Thumb resting on the pistol grip
Do you even speak English?
Are your tattoos gang affiliated?
No I just wanna get home
Searched my shit. Let me go
And to think I had it easy
So I'll tell you
If you ask me
If I have doubts
Trusting the police
Look around you
Unarmed men shot in cold blood
While a kid with a dime bag
Serves more time than a rapist
What kind of lie are we living
When so few are protecting and serving
People protesting
Against the ones protecting
It's a fucking red flag
It's a sign of the struggles they've had
Fuck those who kill
Every time I see an officer behind me I can't help but view them as an enemy
True fear
Systematically time’s up
You fucking cowards

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